In cooperation with Ikano Bank we offer business leasing.

NordeleGastro cooperates with Ikano Leasing because they have accumulated expertise in financial leasing for many years, and with a broad and solid market knowledge, you are sure that you get a solution that suits your needs and on Fair Terms.

The lease period is agreed individually and the payment period is adjusted to your wishes.

By leasing rather than cash purchases you can get benefits like:

 No capital bond, as you deduct lease payments                                             VAT is paid in line with the lease payments and is also fully
as the leasing equipment is used.                                                                                    deductible in your VAT accounts.

 You have full use of the equipment.                                                                  The lease term is individually agreed to follow the life of the equipment.

 Free choice of supplier, so you can decide which                                           Payment period is adjusted to your wishes.
equipment / model best suits your needs.

 Possibility of continuous replacement of the equipment                              Leasing benefit is fully deductible.
due to upgrading to newer technology and / or greater needs.

 No VAT statement of the purchase price.